The sizzler that started it all! Established in 1981, we started producing a range of IQF sausages initially delivered direct to the Fish & Chip shops. However within a short space of time the demand from wholesalers and cash & carrys from all over the UK shaped what has today become an internationally recognised Tasty Bake brand.


The Tasty Bake sausage has been enjoyed throughout the UK and Europe for 35 years. Combining high quality, great taste, and value for money; our sausage encompasses everything we stand for as a company.


Tasty Bake’s range of sausages include:


  • Premium
  • Golden
  • Festival
  • 62% pork sausage.
  • Halal


All are available in the following sizes: 4’s (pieces to the lb), 6’s, and 8’s.


Our bespoke sausages are now available in customers’ “own label” packaging.

Sausages with mashed potato and salad garnish
Sausages with salad garnish